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  • Puppies who are well socialized by being handled several times a day by both children and adults.

Small Sheltie pups

Health Guaranteed

        This warranty covers your newly purchased   puppy only: we are not responsible for any associated   charges such as veterinary fees etc. To qualify for this warranty you must   meet the following terms: General Terms and Conditions We guarantee our puppies to be healthy at   time of purchase. We do not guarantee that you can easily   housebreak your puppy. We recommend "Crate training" and suggest   you familiarize yourself with this before your new baby arrives. We guarantee against any serious live   threatening genetic defects: i.e. heart, lungs, kidneys till 12   months of age. Customer needs to take puppy to their   veterinarian within 72 hours / 3 working days after purchase for a general   health check. If any life threatening health problems are   found at the time of exam, puppy needs to be returned immediately with a   written statement from your vet as to the problem and a description of the   puppy.

  We do not guarantee you will be able to show or breed your dog. All medications and vaccines stated on the   pet's medical record are given by me, following my veterinarian's   recommendations, with the exception of a rabies vaccine. We are not   responsible should an "overload" occur due to your vet doubting our   records, which can make the puppy sick. Please call me if in question. If   your puppy should die of any genetic problems, an autopsy from   a state veterinary lab is required for replacement or refund of the puppy's   price. You must return any and all registration   papers. You must sign any and all papers necessary to transfer   ownership back to me. There will be no returns due to   incompatibility, allergies, inability to potty train, or landlord disputes. Although we try to predict grown size and   color, we do not guarantee size, color etc. at adulthood. 

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